Reinventing Self!

collage S E.M. Forster said: “Life is indeed dangerous, but not in the way morality would have us believe. It is indeed unmanageable, but the essence of it is not a battle. It is unmanageable because it is a romance, and its essence is romantic beauty.”

My recent discovery is that, Life does not move in a line. It moves in a circle that is constantly turning, each rotation building upon the one before it to achieve a perfect harmony. That’s why, before taking any step in life, one has to ask oneself if one is doing the right thing or the wrong. Most times our legal system decides our rights and wrongs but what about the moral and ethical values of life? How does one know what is right? Most of us often get deluded. To get clarity at every step one has to ask oneself “pleasantness or right” and always follow what is right. Following a mob simply gives one a sense of surety of purpose and a sense of belonging. One gets a feeling of moving towards the right goal because so many people are running in one direction, therefore the destination must be correct. Each person is unique in this world. Moreover, each has separate aspirations, visions, and needs. In real life situations, only the ones who know their goal will achieve it. Following peers without reasoning will certainly lead us astray.

We all are emotion-laden people. Our emotions undergo change constantly. The emotion we have in the morning is not the same in the evening. The changing emotion makes us look at the problems in a different perspective. Among all these enters the tiny yet strong bully, The Ego, who is always lurking around to show his mettle. One of the prime causes of failures in all relationships has always been the ego, a perfectly good way to ensure self-destruction for an unworthy cause. One has to be realistic and ask oneself, is it very necessary to stand always on high ground? Is it worth it? Have I really achieved what we set out to achieve? If yes, then am I happy now or am I still running into the abyss not knowing where to go or what I have lost. The ego is the single factor that leads us to our doom. Cry, if we must and alone we will cry. If we shed our egos, we will always find someone to share that smile.

Some of us have worked hard and done our bit to bring about a positive change in and around us. We were, after all, the generation that shook up the old order and dared to dream big. Today, instead of sinking into whatever used to be known as the unavoidable crisis of life, we channel our yearnings, our dissatisfactions, and our deep queries into a powerful call to action.

When I decided to reinvent my own life, I discovered there was much more to the transition than I had suspected. I yo-yoed through unprecedented emotional highs and lows thus I rewrote my own life description and learned to see myself in a new way. Once I had gotten through it, I had even more admiration for the re-inventers who had paved the paths and wanted to celebrate and understand their motivations and strengths. They amazed me with their ingenuity and courage, and helped me truly understand this wave of re-inventers. Most of them are my seniors, my friends, my contemporaries, and myself– we are reshaping not just our own lives but also the very concept of life.

Conclusion: I have decided always to listen to my heart and follow what is right!


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