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To  My Master –  My Heart of Infinite Gratitude


Gratitude is born in hearts that take time to count up past mercies” and “Gratitude is not only the memory but the homage of the heart rendered to God for his blessings.

These quotes were taught by my teacher during my school days. However, my Master made me experience gratitude in my own heart.

Years ago, I was very fortunate to spend 2 months with our Beloved Master at “Gayathri”. Throughout that period, I used to spend all my days, early mornings through nights in His presence, doing some small pieces of work at His office. He had very benevolently created many opportunities for me to be able to be with Him and during that entire period without my knowledge He was working on me immensely. At times I used to feel the intensity of His work but most times it was beyond my comprehension. Most of the days were spent listening to His fascinating chronicles on an array of topics or His hilarious anecdotes on Babuji. Those were the days filled with never-ending fun and laughter.


One such day, though nothing around me had changed externally I could sense some transformation in me. Suddenly, I didn’t feel like talking to anyone, I found myself withdrawn and preferred to be in solitude. Other abhyasis around me found this strange as I was known to be a “chatter box”. Two days passed by and none had any clue to the reason behind my peculiar mood. On the third day Master called me asked “Why this sudden silence? Is everything alright with you? As I opened my mouth to reply Him, words refused to come but instead un-stoppable tears were pouring out of my eyes. Next moment I found myself sobbing uncontrollably. Master just calmed me down slowly and gave the reason for my quietness and tears. The words He spoke then enlightened everyone around Him. He clarified that my tears were not of any sorrow inside me but of an expression my heart’s profound gratitude to the Master. He explained that when we receive material things from anyone we thank them profusely by words but when our spiritual Master fills our heart with his love and grace, our tears convey the intense feeling of gratitude. Babuji too has said that, “Because of a heart’s unconscious feeling of gratitude towards the Master at the inner level of existence, the heart expresses it in the only way it can, by tears.” As one matures spiritually, over a period one learns to express one’s gratitude by trying to co-operate with Master’s work in everyway possible.


I have heard Master speak of Gratitude in many other occasions. Master once mentioned that gratitude gives positive energy. Gratitude towards anyone is our heart’s way of acknowledging the help we receive from others whereas ingratitude is our intentional reluctance to recognize the gifts we receive from others. Gratitude is receptivity that acknowledges others’ help, love and concern. Every time one expresses gratitude, one expands one’s hearts. One’s receptivity can be improved by gradually working on it as a gardener nurtures and waters the soil before sowing the saplings. In our case too, when we tend our gratitude-heart, we get the chance to sow pure love in us. This pure love matures into true concern, which ultimately becomes inseparable oneness.


Gratitude, purity and a loving heart always exist collectively. The blossom of gratitude expands in our pure heart. Purity expands our heart and awakens our whole being within to the greatest level of consciousness. When we abhyasis observe our relationship with our Divine Master, we perceive His immense Love for us. A Master forgives even if one forgets to offer one’s loving gratitude while on one’s way to the spiritual Goal. But as and when one’s sincerity increases, one feels pain in one’s heart if one has not expressed gratitude to the master who has done so much for us. As Master loves us unconditionally, we must try to become worthy of His infinite compassion and infinite Love.

But, inside all of us lie the animal, the human and the divine attributes. The animal in us is the anger, the jealousy and the impure thoughts. By the divine grace and power transmitted by our Master, the animal in us evolves into the human and then to the divine. The divine in us craves to go to its Source. We all can aspire and become divine by becoming one with Master, who consciously embodies divinity. When we see a spiritual Master, someone who is the embodiment of love, we try to serve him, become a member of his spiritual family. The only way the animal in us changes into a human is by serving alone, the human develops into the divine by serving. Through serving, we offer our gratitude, for it is the finest energy that has granted us the opening to develop through our service. So each time we get an opportunity to serve, we must know that it is because of a higher force that has kindled the flame of aspiration and dedication in us. Thus, we become grateful to the divine. Our gratitude grows when we are given the opportunity to be of service to divine. Each time we offer our gratitude to the divine; we expand our hearts and grow into the universal Heart, the Divine Master, the ultimate goal of human life.

Even today my heart fills with gratitude and tears fill my eyes, when I think of the love and care my Master has given me all my life. I am grateful to Him not only because He guides me through out but forgives my mistakes as well. He has been like a mother to me besides being my Master.  Any numbers of words are insufficient to express my heartfelt gratitude to HIM for being there for me and protecting me all my life.


8 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Hello Arundhati, I just read the piece on gratitude.
    Really an honest account, I can truly relate to it. Tears are the language of the heart when it wants to express deep gratitude when ordinary words fail……
    With love to Him who connects us all,

    • Dear Vijaya, Thank you very much.
      All of us have such deep connection of hearts through our Master who bound us with His eternal and unconditional love. That’s why every time I write a piece in any of our publications or on my blog, so many devoted souls like you feel the vibration and pour their heart out. I believe when we send such positive vibrations to each other, we help maintain constant remembrance of the Divinity, that held our hands and guided us throughout journey in the spiritual realm.
      Warm regards

  2. Hello Sister,

    The link to this article was recently shared on a social platform and the heart urged to read it.

    Must say, very touching! I could recollect so many moments spent with our Beloved. The ‘downpour’ post the two day silence was very heartful.

    With unfeigned regards and heartful gratitude!

    • Thank you very much brother Gautam. We must keep sharing our memoirs and experiences with our Beloved Master as it keeps the feelings of humility and gratitude alive which in turn creates the vacuum required for absorbing His Pranahuti.

      warm regards.

  3. Hi Anu, wow, your articles are so good, each and every one. Feel so privileged to know Suchit and you. Keep writing. You are really good yet humble. Regards from Mahesh and me,… Asha

    • Dear Asha and Mahesh,

      I am very touched by your affectionate and encouraging words. It’s we who should be saying all these words to you. You both are so full of love and compassion that you opened the doors of your house as well as your hearts to us, without even knowing us much. I am full of gratitude to the Lord for bringing us close to people like you and your family. Though my words can’t express my heart’s feeling for all of you…I wish to thank you for being there for us in every way. I pray for good health, happiness and prosperity for you. Hugs ~Anu

  4. I really liked and enjoyed your articles and will keep reading your writings. I enjoyed reading the article ‘Gratitude’ and it is a very touching. The article clearly expresses how the Master need to be honoured with the gratitude by a student. Keep writing and you are a good writer with good thoughts !!! Best Wishes..

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